Fresh Ahr is the lifestyle of hours spent scouring clothing and shoe racks; nose deep in cookbooks and bestsellers; eyes glued to the television and big screen; and the constant beat from the bass of headphones. From sisters Kate and Sara Ahrendtsen, hence the “ahr” in Fresh Ahr, pronounced like “air,” this space is a snapshot for what we love:

fallharvesthomeHey, it’s Sara! So if you’re like me, this is the time of year you switch out your shorts and summer skirts for sweaters and hats. Just like I change out my wardrobe, I also love changing up my apartment decor. Of course, I can’t afford to change up major pieces every season, so I like to pick out a few accessories for the kitchen, living, bed, and bath rooms like bedding, duvets, throws, and candles etc.  Accessories are the most effective way to change up the mood of a room, and take it from season to season. I like to find pieces that aren’t too starkly holiday, so that my apartment doesn’t look like a Halloween fun house. There are always those 2nd grade witch drawings that will make an appearance every year, so it’s important to create a cool balance. My absolute favorite Fall decor piece is a stuffed pumpkin pillow my Mom always put out every season. It combines comfort, a cozy feel, and a classic look; all my favorite home attributes. Here are a few of my favorite pieces to bring your home from Summer to Fall:

1| Boston Ivy Sheet Set at Anthropologie 2| West Elm Embroidered Owl Pillow Cover 3| West Elm Faux Bois Mercury Candles 4| West Elm Faux Fur Throw 5| Creature Hideaway Sheet Set at Anthropologie 6| West Elm Quad Floral Red Stool 7| Hand Braided Apple Baskets at Anthropologie 8| Fishing Otters Dishtowel at Anthropologie 


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