Fresh Ahr is the lifestyle of hours spent scouring clothing and shoe racks; nose deep in cookbooks and bestsellers; eyes glued to the television and big screen; and the constant beat from the bass of headphones. From sisters Kate and Sara Ahrendtsen, hence the “ahr” in Fresh Ahr, pronounced like “air,” this space is a snapshot for what we love:

Jean 3Jean 2Jean 1

Necklace at Free People (worn here) | Jack Wills chambray shirt | ASOS Midi skirt | Vince Camuto booties

It’s extremely cold out this morning, -6 degrees to be more precise. I just sat down at my desk and refuse to take my coat off because I’m so cold, perhaps I’ll just sit with it on all day. Also, if I heard correctly, we are going to get MORE snow this weekend. I’m all for winter and four seasons but enough is enough! I’ll just dream of warmer days (I’d even take days that aren’t negative degrees) when I don’t have to sit bundled in my jacket (pretty much a sleeping bag) for hours. Stay warm, loves!

Kate: FFF


1| Rory Beca Celula V-Neck Silk Romper at Piperlime 2| Madewell Collarless Tux Shirt 3| Topshop Bubble Jacquard Midi Skirt 4| Gorjana Taner Bar Necklace at Shopbop 5| Metallic Leather Hexagon Coasters at Leif

Sara: FFF


1| Banana Republic Pearl Caps Stud Earring 2| Line & Dot Printed Woven Cotton Moto Jacket at Saks Fifth Avenue 3| Stripeswing Skirt at Anthropologie 4| Longchamp Terracotta Playsuit 5| ASOS Leather Zip Gloves

ayr2Hey y’all it’s Sara. Fresh off the e-commerce press is Ayr, the first women’s line from the menswear e-commerce startup Bonobos. I signed up for their emails back in Fall, anxiously awaiting their launch and it is finally here! Ayr is all about the essentials: quick grab and go pieces that are effortless and fabulous (and not to mention seasonless). It is a complete collection of everything you could possibly need all year round from jeans to tees to tanks to jackets; it is like the fashion industry’s ultimate chic Duane Reade. Ayr also has an Artist In Residence series of tees that are hand printed, and shed some light on some of the up-and-coming talent in the business. And, of course, we cannot help but love their name (wink, wink). Happy shopping!


Black and Gold 2 Black and Gold 3Black and Gold 1 copy

J.Crew top | Eva Franco Gilt Bouquet Skirt at Anthropologie

Happy Wednesday, it’s Kate! This was my go-to skirt throughout the winter for holiday parties (don’t worry, different groups of people so it was never seen twice) and I’ve since hung it up for the season even though winter isn’t officially over. I usually paired it with various jewel-toned tops and danced away the nights with friends and family. However, the winter party scene has died down and I’ve been gravitating towards big sweaters, jeans, and boots, anything to stay warm since there’s currently a huge winter storm heading this way and it will probably be cold for at least another three months before I can break out the tanks and shorts. Stay warm and safe as Nika moves in!

freshface1Hey, it’s Sara. As we all know I am not a big make-up person, never have been. I like to keep a fresh face (even though sometimes that gets me IDed for lottery tickets). I believe that if you’ve got great skin, you’ve got nothing to hide. I have particularly sensitive skin, so finding products that don’t destroy my skin has been quite a challenge. I’ve tried a lot of different routines and I have finally come to my five favorite skincare products. I like to keep it as simple and as natural as possible. For the morning, I like to use Burt’s Bees Soap Bark & Chamomile Deep Cleansing Cream. It’s light and subtle, and leaves me with a clean start to every morning. My go-to facial moisturizer has always been classic Olay; when I was a little girl I used to go into my mom’s bathroom and put it on my face just like her (don’t fix something that isn’t broken, right). For nighttime I use First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay. It just strips all the dirt, grime, and oil off my face that has accumulated from the work day (and New York City air). Some nights (and even some mornings) I will use Origins Modern Friction Nature’s Gentle Dermabrasion instead for an extra boost of clean, especially if my face is feel a little more oily than usual. Last but not least I use Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque whenever I get the energy at night to do it. It is a deep clean and gives my face a blank slate. Everyone has a different beauty routine, and it is all about trial and error and really focusing on what you want for your skin. One of my big challenges is my pores…what’s yours???


It’s Kate! I was standing in a store in Syracuse, NY a few years ago when I was in graduate school and “The High Road” was playing from Broken Bells’ previous album. When I got home that day I immediately searched some of the lyrics I remembered and was able to find the song so I bought the single on iTunes. As you know, I’m pretty good at exhausting songs, so once I listened to it more times than I can remember, I bought the whole self-titled album and was not disappointed. I was searching iTunes last week and came across the second album, After the Disco, which is AH-MAZING. It’s available to pre-order on iTunes and will be released this week, but you can also stream the whole album for free right now. I’ve been listening all weekend and you should too, go!

Kate: FFF


1| Madewell Flight Pants 2| Namrata Joshpura Sequin Embellished Turban Headband at Shopbop 3| Rebecca Minkoff Moss heels at Piperlime 4| Pankaj & Nidhi Spicetree Dress at Anthropologie 5| J.Crew Collection Silk Ensemble Dress

Sara: FFF


1| Jeffrey Campbell In Love Printed d’Orsay Flats at Shopbop 2| MILLY Paneled Raw-Edge Party Dress at Piperlime 3| Diamant Jumper at Anthropologie 4| J.Crew Size-Zip Varsity Dress 5| Free People Ties to Simplicity Boot

liebster1This week we were graciously nominated for a Liebster Award by bloggers Christa & Regina from Gardenias & Mint! The Liebster Award is a way to recognize newer bloggers with a smaller following that have great potential – exciting! It’s also a fun way to learn a little more about each other and connect with other bloggers and our viewers! Thank you again Gardenias & Mint! Here are the rules if you’re itching to know more.

Here are our answers to Christa & Regina’s questions. It was a lot of fun to answer and see how different our personalities are, even when we blog under the same roof!

liebsterkate liebstersara

We are excited to keep the award alive so we’ve nominated these blogs: Cheers to Carla & Trials and Tribulations of a Wanderer. We are really excited to see what you bloggers have to say!

liebster2Thank you again!

kateandsaraxx Kate & Sara

mid-week inspiration

Hi all, it’s Kate! I’ve had a pretty successful week so far in terms of productivity unpacking a decorating my apartment (unpacking isn’t my favorite activity and I’m even worse at packing, Sara generally packs for me when we travel). In between emptying boxes I find myself looking for decorating and style inspiration on Pinterest, I usually end up getting lost for about a few hours on my boards…oops! I also do my daily rounds of the blogs I follow and was moved by this post yesterday on A Cup of Jo since it hit pretty close to home for me – you should go read it, now. Most likely today will be filled with more unpacking and more pinning – be sure to check out my latest pins to see what is inspiring me at the moment.


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